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Scientific & Engineering Solutions for a Decarbonised Future

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Climate Change is a massive challenge. requiring urgent transformational change in energy production, delivery and utilisation.

EU Energy Policy is driving the transition to a decarbonised society addressing the Energy Trilemma of Sustainability, Security and Affordability.

Ireland possesses unique opportunities to lead the world in achieving a low carbon future. In addition to our world world class wind resource, we have the potential to generate significant renewable heat; accelerate the adoption of sustainable public and private transportation given the relatively small size of the country and significantly improve the existing building stock via retrofits.

Deeper Collaboration between Energy Industry, Government, Research Community and Society is critical to addressing the current energy challenges.

At UCD Energy Institute, there is a concentration of talent and track record of addressing the research challenges associated with the optimization and integration of low carbon energy. Uniquely significant to UCD Energy Institute is the cooperation and commitment of leading energy industries and benefactors who all share an ambition to lead the development of a flexible integrated energy system.