Leading Destination for Energy Research & Innovation


Energy is a critical commodity. It is essential for full participation in modern day society and is at the heart of development. Yet, the need for more and more energy is intensifying matched by an ever-increasing global population, standards of living, and booming economies.
The global energy landscape is witnessing a major transformation. Today, the world adds more renewable power capacity annually than it adds in new capacity from all fossil fuels combined. Distributed energy resources are playing a vital role in developing sustainable energy systems with lower costs for clean energy and disruptive technologies helping in this transition.
Science and technology are centre-stage to the delivery of lasting solutions that will meet global energy needs while minimizing environmental impacts and mitigating climate change.

Ambitious Plan

UCD Energy Institute is strongly committed to the energy transition, endorsing low carbon development, promoting a modernised integrated energy system while empowering the citizen through innovation and digitalisation. We play a leading role in the evolution of research into practice into action and in doing so make a significant contribution the challenges of the decarbonisation of the energy system.

We aim to:

  • Close the research to industrial deployment gap
  • Influence energy policy implementation at Irish and EU level
  • Strengthen our positive international profile
  • Impact constructively on economic growth
  • Develop a talent pipeline and graduate training for the Irish energy sector

About Us

The Energy Institute is the hub of energy education, research, demonstration and outreach at University College Dublin. Interdisciplinary cooperation, collaboration and creation bring together the activities of academics and their research teams working in three main areas:

- Energy Systems
- Energy Management
- Energy in Society

UCD Energy Institute members come from a range of disciplines; power system engineering, energy economics, energy management, consumer behaviour, markets and policy, energy finance, buildings energy use, renewable energy technologies, the energy-water nexus among others.
The breadth of activity within UCD Energy Institute is captured by three major initiatives:
- Research Programme with ESIPP as the flagship project
- Energy Modelling System called EMPowER for evidence-based policy analysis
- A Demonstration Facility in the form of an Integrated Energy Laboratory (IE Lab)

Through our rigorous and independent research on issues of academic and industry significance, we deliver new knowledge and new approaches and are placed at the centre of the energy debate, contributing to a more coherent understanding of national and international energy issues.


University College Dublin, with its Energy Board in 2011 set out an ambitious vision to develop an internationally recognized hub for energy research and development that would capitalised on the combination of unique national factors and UCD’s core strengths and expertise. Energy became a strategic research theme of the University devoted to the areas of decarbonisation and sustainable living reflective of the national research priorities for Ireland.
In 2013, the UCD Energy Institute was launched with full support from the entire Irish energy industry and a major philanthropic donor. Over the years, the Institute has grown in geographic footprint on campus, membership numbers and has broadening its scope from electricity to smart energy systems encompassing cross-sectoral integration. The Institute now operates at scale with scientific and technical capabilities spanning the continuum from basic to applied research to demonstration, increasing the sector’s profile and impact internationally and enabling access to global partnerships and initiatives.