Insights Series

Ongoing research at UCD Energy Institute and with our collaborators covers a range of projects and research disciplines. While the academic publications are available through online journals, libraries and research websites, we will also be publishing a series of topical papers in some of the different research areas that are targeted at a more diverse audience.

Insights Series

Insights Series Paper 1: COVID-19 and EU Climate Targets

Insights Series Paper 2: The need for a Hydrogen Strategy for Ireland

Insights Series Paper 3: Floating Offshore Wind – An Opportunity for Ireland

Insights Series Paper 4: Ireland’s Just Transition – A report on the perceptions of impacted communities in Ireland

Insights Series Paper 5: Improving data centre efficiency in Ireland

Insights Series Paper 6: Simulation and data-driven tools for buildings energy optimisation

Insights Series Paper 7: Optimisation Approaches for Energy Systems

Insights Series Paper 8: Weather, Climate and Energy

Other publications/consultation responses

UCD Energy Institute – Response to the Programme for Government (June 2020)

UCD Energy Institute Response to European Commission consultation on Smart Sector Integration

UCD Energy Institute and Climate Action Plan 2019

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