UCD Bike Library Access Guide & FAQ

A step-by-step guide to getting your bike from the UCD Bike Library

1. Once you have received an offer of a bike from our research team, sign and submit the research consent form, then complete the initial user survey. These items will have been sent to you directly via email.

N.B. completion of these items is an important part of the Bike Library project and the bike will not be released to you prior to completion).

2. Ensure that you have reserved your bike through UCD Library using the library catalogue (Libcal) at the following link (click here).

N.B. please do not make a Libcal booking without prior approval from the research team and please book the type of bike you originally applied for (e-bike or folding).

3. Download the Evva Airkey app to your phone from the relevant app store:



Once you have downloaded the app, contact the research team for your bunker key.

4. Collect your bike kit (lock keys and charger or lights), from the UCD James Joyce Library Level 1 Service Desk using your booking reference from Step 2 above.

Service desk opening hours are available at this link under the “Equipment” section

5. Use the Evva Airkey app on your phone to unlock the bunker located in the yard next to the James Joyce library, and collect your bike. 

N.B. For a help with using the bunkers, please refer to the video tutorial below.

For a useful guide on accessing our bike bunkers, please refer to the following video tutorial:

If you need assistance at any stage during this process, please email john.doody[at]ucd.ie