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PhD Researcher
After graduating in Psychology from University of Zagreb I started working as a research assistant at the Institute of social science Ivo Pilar on projects in social psychology and sociology, while also developing my interest in the intersection of social sciences and environment, with a special focus on social and environmental psychology. Taking courses such as ‘Energy, environment and sustainable development’ (University of Oslo, 2013), participating in STEP summer schools (Aarhus University, 2012; Sapienza University of Rome, 2015) and different research conferences further developed my knowledge on energy and environmental issues, while my knowledge in research methods was enhanced on a PhD programme in Psychology at the University of Zagreb. I started my PhD in UCD Business School in September 2016 under supervision of Dr. Geertje Schuitema. I am especially interested in understanding mechanisms of spillover effect happening under different policies of energy consumption and production (e.g. community energy projects).