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Postdoctoral Researcher
Mattia received his MEng in Thermal Engineering at the University of Pisa (Italy) in 2010 and he completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Applied Thermodynamics) at the University of Genoa (Italy) in 2015. During his PhD, his research activities were focused on dynamic modelling of thermal systems and buildings and he collaborated with several international partners, e.g. Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Ural Federal University (Russia), etc. In June 2015, Mattia moved to Queen’s University Belfast where he conducted research activities on numerical modelling of thermodynamic cycles, heat transfer and thermal system components – in collaboration with the University of Liege (Belgium), ASME and several industrial partners. Mattia joined the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University College Dublin, in July 2017 as Senior Researcher in the framework of the ESIPP program. His current research is mainly focused on energy modelling of building and heating/cooling system, renewable energies and waste heat recovery and thermo-economic analysis of investments.
Funded by: ESIPP