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Postdoctoral Researcher
Ciara graduated from UCD with a BE in Mechanical Engineering in 1996. She spent the following years working in the semiconductor industry, returning to UCD to complete an ME in Energy Systems in 2011. Ciara completed her PhD at UCD in 2016. The title of her PhD thesis was “Options for Storage at High Wind Penetrations”. She is currently working as a senior power systems researcher. She was the WP3 leader in the RealValue Horizon2020 project. WP3 involved refining and developing a range of modelling tools to investigate the role of smart small-scale thermal storage within future European energy systems. She also worked with EASAC and an expert Working Group on the report ‘Valuing Dedicated Storage in Electricity Grids’. Ciara is currently working on two Horizon2020 projects. Spine, which is creating an open source toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems and SysFlex, which aims to identify issues and solutions associated with integrating large-scale renewable energy.
Funded by: SPINE