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Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. A. Sandeep completed PhD in Physics “on the variability of atmospheric boundary layer over southeast India using in-situ and remote sensing observations”; Earlier, he has worked as research fellow at National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, India on the boundary layer dynamics. Later he worked as a Project Scientist at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, India for the numerical modelling of weather and climate projects. Then, he worked as PostDoc researcher in School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds on the MOSAiC Project to understand the physical processes governing arctic boundary layer structure, turbulent mixing, and the interactions with both the surface and cloud over the central arctic region. Currently, he has been working as Postdoc researcher in University College Dublin at College of Business for the project Supporting Energy Communities - Operational Research and Energy Analytics (SEC-OREA) with Dr. Paula Carroll. His research mainly focused on preparing the energy scenarios for local energy community models.