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Professor Aoife Ahern is a civil engineering, graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 1998 and with a PhD in transportation engineering from University College London in 2001. She was a College Lecturer in Trinity College from 2000-2003, when she joined UCD as a College Lecturer. Professor Ahern was Head of the School of Civil Engineering from 2016-2019, and was appointed College Principal and Dean of Engineering in 2019. Her research area is transportation engineering, in particular sustainable transport, and she has conducted work, with funding from bodies including the EU, the EPA and the HEA, looking at how travel behaviours can be changed with policy intervention to move from non-sustainable to sustainable and active modes. Other research has looked at the links between land use policy, in particular housing policy, and transport, and she has conducted research into the topic of residential self-selection, and its links with choice of travel mode, and sustainable travel. She also has an interest in transport equity, and the impact of policy interventions on different members of society, in particular assessing how interventions to reduce emissions may have different impacts for different socio-economic groups. Her research is multidisciplinary, working with engineering, economists and planners, to assess how transport and travel needs to change.