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Senior Energy Systems Researcher
Dr. Kevin F. Forbes is a Senior Energy Systems Researcher in University College Dublin's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He received a Bachelor of Science from the Pennsylvania State University with Honors in Economics and received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland. His academic employment includes a tenured position at The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. He has also been a visiting researcher at ESRI. His nonacademic experience includes contributions to the energy model that the United States Government uses to assess the outlook for energy markets. Dr. Forbes' current research focuses on the integration of solar and wind energies into the power grid. Specifically, he is estimating models that improve the accuracy of the renewable energy and load forecasts. Two patent applications are currently pending. Another research strand examines the effects of wind energy and the EU emissions trading system on carbon emissions from electricity generation. He is also analyzing the effect of CO2 concentrations on hourly weather outcomes. Another strand of his research focuses on the challenge to electric power reliability posed by space weather induced geomagnetic activity. All of these research topics are addressed using long-memory econometric time-series methods.
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