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PhD Researcher
Conor is a PhD candidate at University College Dublin, investigating the delivery of operational and facilities management data through the open .ifc format. After completing a B.Sc (Hons) in Architectural Technology at Technological University Dublin, Conor went on to attain an M.Sc in Construction and Real Estate Management, a joint program between the HTW Berlin and Helsinki Metropolia, with a thesis entitled 'Towards automated building energy performance simulation for BIM based renovations projects'. He has held a wide variety of roles in the construction industry from laser scan surveying to conducting thermodynamic simulations. Specialising in building information modelling he continues to be active in the global dialogue as a committee member of the DBEI. Most recently Conor has been working as a site supervisor, overseeing ecological building projects in Finland, and personally delivering straw, clay and timber trades as a subcontractor.