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Associate Professor
Dr Nessa Winston is Associate Professor in Social Policy in the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin. She has over 20 years’ experience of researching and teaching across a range of topics in the Social Sciences including qualitative and quantitative research designs, methodologies, and programme evaluation. Her current research centres on sustainable communities, mainly issues to do with housing, quality of life, and poverty/inequality, including residential and transport energy poverty. Dr Winston’s work on sustainable communities includes a focus on the natural environment and climate change, but within this it centres on social issues and the need for social development. Her research is enhanced by active involvement in an international academic and policymaking community, the European Network for Housing Researchers where she co-ordinates the Working Group on Sustainable Urban Communities and Housing. She is a member of the UCD Earth Institute where she co-ordinates the Sustainable Communities Research Theme (with Dr Karen Foley). She was the co-founder of the Irish Social Policy Association where she served as Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Her research has been facilitated by national and international peer-reviewed funding. The most significant of these included: an EU FP7 project on inequality where she focused on housing and the impacts of growing inequalities; a Government of Ireland Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences for research on sustainable urban regeneration (IRC); and a European Cultural Foundation grant for a cross-national study on migrant integration.