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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Majid Bahramian was awarded the Ph.D. degree from Yildiz Technical University (Turkey). His doctoral thesis was focusing on the dynamic assessment of the environmental performance of the residential buildings with focus on the energy and indoor environmental qualities. The pursuant of his thesis is to develop a local Life Cycle Inventory Database for residential buildings in Iran and Turkey, which is financed by Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Turkish Academy of Science (TUBA). He also was awarded M.Sc. degree of Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Tehran (Iran). In his MSc thesis, he used dynamic models to predict the on-site energy consumption and Greenhouse gases emissions in wastewater treatment plants. He has authored 10 papers in internationally recognized peer reviewed journals. Majid joined the University College Dublin in August 2020 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Energy Systems Integration Partnership Program (ESIPP) project. His research interests include the environmental footprint of the construction industry with focus on the indoor environmental qualities, life cycle assessment of water and wastewater treatment plants, soft computing methods in engineering with particular focus on environmental systems, modeling biological treatment processes and energy efficiency in wastewater treatment plants.