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Research Fellow
Ciarán’s research area is energy policy - low carbon and renewable heat in Ireland to 2050, conducted in collaboration with the SEAI. He is an innovative energy engineer, highly interested in and passionate about the transformative changes we are undergoing globally in energy infrastructure, strategy and policy, and how these systems interact with others. He received a BE in Mechanical Engineering from UCD in 2008 and an ME in Energy System Engineering from UCD in 2015. He has worked for a short time as a research engineer in the aerospace industry, and more recently spent five years working for ESB Networks, in the following areas; load-flow modelling of the electricity distribution network, MV and LV network design, and smart metering. He is also a volunteer scouter with his local scout group, and a volunteer ‘Cool Planet Champion’ who can deliver informative talks on climate change on request. Fun fact – he also spent two years working as an outdoor facilitator in hiking, kayaking and rock-climbing in the west of Ireland.