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Associate Professor
I received my primary BA degree in Geography and History at UCD, Dublin. I returned to complete a MA in the area of climatology, specifically on the synoptic climatology of precipitation in Ireland. I went to The Ohio State University in 1984 to pursue a PhD where I received training in numerical cartography (GIS) and in physical climatology. Upon completion I spent seven years as an academic in the US, mostly based at UCLA in California. In 1997 I returned to UCD where I am based in the School of Geography. My primary area of interest and research is in the field of climatology, specifically the climates of urban areas. I am co-author of Urban Climates published in 2017 by Cambridge University Press. I was elected president of the International Association for Urban Climates (IAUC) in 2010, and organised the International Conference on Urban Climates in Dublin (ICUC8). I have worked on urban climate issues for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for a number of years and am currently working with others on the WMO’s Integrated Urban Services initiative which seeks to co-ordinate hydrological and meteorological services at an urban scale and develop products for a range of stakeholders including disaster management and energy providers.
Phone: 01 716 8229