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Postdoctoral Researcher
Mohammad received his PhD in energy engineering from Concordia University, Canada in 2018. His previous research was focused on optimization and modelling of district energy systems, integration of renewable energies, hybrid energy systems, thermodynamics cycles, and thermo-economic analysis. Those research areas were connected to IEA-ECES Annex 31 "Energy storage with Net Zero Energy Buildings and Districts: Optimization and Automation" and published as a part of it. He is currently involved in Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) as a postdoctoral researcher on EUI7: Diversification of Gas End Use and Supply. He is investigating the potential of integrated energy system taking into account the need for gas-fueled power stations for future scenarios to complement wind and other renewable electricity sources while at the same time cover seasonal peak domestic and industrial heating demands. He also holds the position as an associate editor in Intelligent Buildings International published in Taylor and Francis.