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Assistant Professor
Dr Michelle Carey is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Statistics at University College Dublin. She is a graduate of the University of Limerick (UL) in BSc in Financial Mathematics and received her PhD in Statistics from UL in 2012 (advisors: Dr. Kevin Hayes and Dr. Eugene Gath). In 2011, she became a Lecture in Finance at the Kemmy Business School, UL. In 2013, she moved to the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, USA to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in the evolution of infectious diseases in terms of differential equations under the direction of Prof. Hulin Wu. In 2015, she moved to McGill University, Montreal, Canada to undertake a postdoctoral fellowship on functional data analysis, Functional data analysis refers to a collection of statistical methods for analysing data over a curve, surface or manifold, with Prof. James O. Ramsay and Prof. Christian Genest before taking up her current position at the University College Dublin in 2017. Her research involves developing and extending functional data analysis techniques for examining the evolution of systems in terms of differential equations; Advancing statistical and numerical methods for the analysis of high dimensional functional data in climatology, energy, finance, and medicine; Producing functional data analysis techniques that can enable companies to predict outcomes, improve products, explain complex phenomena, optimize processes, and ultimately reduce costs.