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Research Assistant
Originally from India, I moved to Dublin in 2014 to pursue my Undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from University College Dublin (UCD). I recently completed my Masters in Applied Economics (1st class Honours) and that too from UCD. As part of my M.Sc. Applied Economics, I interned for 5 months with a leading economics consulting firm Indecon International, wherein I worked on various projects for both public and private sector clients. Given my Interest in Energy Economics, I have now joined the ESIPP team as a Research Assistant under the MSP2 package to gain further experience in the research domain. My work in ESIPP is focussed on developing a database of the Single Electricity Market in cooperation with other Researchers working in MSP2 and other specialists within the ESIPP team. I am also carrying a literature review on the Electricity Market Design and how electricity market design has impacted prices.
Energy and Society