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Energy Institute academics win two 2022 Nova UCD awards

31 March 2022

Dr Sarah Cotterill and Professor Andrew Keane win the 2022 NovaUCD Innovation awards

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Cotterill and Professor Andrew Keane who won Nova UCD’s 2022 Consultancy of the Year Award and  Licence of the Year Award respectively

Dr. Sarah Cotterill’s Innovation Award recognized a key finding in her consultancy study ‘A Framework for Improving Domestic Water Conservation in Ireland’. Dr. Cotterill’s finding that a relatively small reduction in household water use in all homes in Ireland, could lead to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a year.  Dr. Cotterill is an Assistant Professor at the UCD School of Civil Engineering and UCD Dooge Centre for Water Resources Research and is a Funded Investigator in the NexSys Strategic Partnership Programme.

Professor Andrew Keane received the 2022 NovaUCD Innovation Award for his and his team’s achievements in developing the patented grid edge intelligence software technology, which automates and removes inefficiencies in renewable generators and electrical grid operations. Professor Keane is the Director of the NexSys Strategic Partnership Programme and UCD Energy Institute

Useful Resources:

NexSys (Next Generation Energy Systems): An all-island, multidisciplinary energy research programme defining pathways to a Net-Zero energy system. 

UCD Energy Institute: Facilitates collaboration between academia and industry for a Net Zero Carbon Future. 

Nova UCD: The hub of innovation-related activities at University College Dublin. 

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