Helping Ireland transition to a renewables-led economy

EmPOWer research

EmPOWer research featured for Helping Ireland transition to a renewables-led economy

Many of our most pressing global challenges – like climate change, pollution, fuel shortages and cost-of-living crises – are intrinsically linked with how we generate, distribute and use energy. To meet these challenges, Ireland must continue its progress toward becoming a renewables-led economy.

UCD Energy Institute’s EMPowER project is conducting economic and technical modelling to help accelerate this transition. Through their research, the team are advising Government on the different factors that affect consumer uptake of new technologies, like heat pumps, electric vehicles and rooftop solar panels; the impact that these technologies will have on the grid; and Ireland’s ability to generate energy with higher shares of renewables. This directly informs Government strategy and targets, meaning decisions around climate action will be more effective and cost-efficient.