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UCD Sustainable Energy Community

SEAI Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)

The Energy Institute is in the early stages of forming a sustainable energy community (SEC) across the UCD campus.  UCD is the largest third level campus community in Ireland with approximately 3,000 staff and 33,724 students. With support from the Energy Unit in UCD Estates, we are in the process of forming a steering committee made up of representatives from 8 schools and institutes.

The main aims of the SEC are;

  • Developing skills and capacity, at a community level, in electing how to use less energy,
  • Adopting lower carbon options for transport and heating,
  • Shifting energy use to off-peak times
  • Investing in smart technologies and renewable energies
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the community
  • Increase energy awareness via community engagement programs
  • Maximising the opportunities for successful collaborations in energy community initiatives

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Sustainability Launch Pad

The ‘UP Think’ Launchpad is a partnership between UCD Engineering, UCD Energy Institute led by Andrew Keane and Industry.  Up Think bring to market a new generation of ideas that will accelerate the big changes we expect in Energy, Sustainability and Decarbonisation that will positively impact our environment, society and economy.

As described by CEO, Mary Cronin, the launchpads are always a fantastic meeting of ideas and minds, and in five years, it’s been a pleasure to put more than 200 participants and 40 industry companies through what’s an intense 12-week process. Those who participate will examine their business concepts, test them for durability, and above all think hard about whether the problem they’re trying to solve is big enough to sustain a business.

At ideation stage, we take in ideas that are both Industry projects plus participants ideas.  We are highly energised by this year’s seven projects and the 60+ UCD participants who are focusing on solving some of the most critical issues facing the world namely:

  1. Mainstream Renewables – Supernode – an innovative concept proposed by the renewable energy giant Mainstream Renewable Power, looking at how to economically and efficiently deliver wind and solar energy globally from source locations to load centres
  2. IWEA – Community investment models to promote wind energy developments
  3. GridBeyond – Opportunity for smart trading, energy optimisation, and predictive maintenance within the energy sector
  4. Evocco– Aligning environmental/ethical beliefs with how we shop
  5. Bee Sanctuary of Ireland – an initiative to address the critical lack of awareness around a devastating and imminent catastrophe: the extinction of bees
  6. KidMedTech – proposed by a team of biomedical students, this project aims to address the lack of child-suitable biomedical devices in the market
  7. Catalyst1 are validating the need for a brokerage to match and commercialise suitable IP from academics and research centres with investors and partners in Sustainability/Energy.